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We have two bunkhouses on Budle Bay campsite, which are primarily aimed at supporting youth groups, schools, sports clubs and other organisations and helping you have affordable accommodation. It is very important to us to help support these groups and we offer deals as well as free accommodation for teachers and group leaders. If you run a youth group or similar community or charitable organisation and want to hire the bunkhouse for your group, please contact us directly to book

unlimited hot water showers Northumberland campsite camping
Kettle in bunkhouse camping Northumberland
Microwave in hut camping Northumberland campsite
Fridge/freezers in bunkhouse Northumberland campsite Lindisfarne group organisation community camping
Cooking area with hob Northumberland campsite Lindisfarne group organisation community camping
Toilets in bunkhouse Northumberland campsite Lindisfarne group organisation community camping
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Quiet campsite Northumberland Lindisfarne camping
Dark skies Northumberland Lindisfarne campsite camping


  • Heavily insulated

  • Electric heating

  • Interior seating

  • Cooking area with kettles, microwaves, fridge/freezers and hob (no oven)

  • Can park cars by bunkhouse 

  • Some storage space

  • Unlimited hot water in showers (in campsite utility blocks)

  • Covered washing up area

  • Toilets inside bunkhouse and 2x Separate toilet blocks at either end of the campsite

  • Peaceful sleeping, with quietness on site from 10:30pm each night

  • Dark skies for beautiful stargazing opportunities

  • Supermarkets and local pub all deliver food to the site

What we provide:

  • Kettle

  • Fridge / freezers

  • Microwave

  • Hob

What you'll need to bring:

  • Bedding (sleeping bags, pillows)

  • Cooking utensils, pots and pans, plates, cutlery etc.

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Bunkhouse 1             (15 people)

3 sleeping rooms: 

  • 2 bunk beds, sleeps 4

  • 2 bunk beds, with one bottom bunk a double bed. Sleeps 4-5

  • 3 bunk beds, sleeps 6

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Bunkhouse 2             (12 people)

2 sleeping rooms: 

  • 2 bunk beds, with one bottom bunk a double bed. Sleeps 4-5

  • 3 bunk beds and a single bed. Sleeps 7

Please note:

  • Our bunkhouses are comfortable but they are very basic, so please don't get your hopes up for luxury accommodation! If you are a group who needs communal accommodation that's cheap and convenient for all of your members, with free lodging for your organisers or teachers, or if you're a walker just wanting to crash somewhere easy for the night, then these will work for you. Some of our regular bunkhouse users are Duke of Edinburgh groups, archaeologists, surfers and other water sports groups, and school sports teams.

  • As per national guidelines, we do not allow children under 6 years old on the top bunks of our bunk beds.

  • We also do not allow dogs in the bunkhouse.

  • We are very keen to support any charitable or community groups we can to stay in the bunkhouse. If you think this applies to your group then please email us directly to book so we can discuss your particular needs and what discounts we can offer.

  • Please read our full terms and conditions before booking